SocialNetz PQRS

Socialnetz PQRS, an innovative service that uses artificial intelligence so that organizations can track and manage the requests made by users on Twitter against the cases of requests, complaints, claims and suggestions, improving response times and ensuring that these are responded to in a timely and effective manner.

Everyone has the right

To submit Petitions, Complaints, Claims and/or Suggestions

When faced with the services or products offered by a company or organization, a system like SOCIALNETZ PQRS becomes a necessary tool for the control and continuous improvement of the services and processes that are developed by the companies in order to establish the user experience, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

The possibility of facing unsatisfied customer scenarios becomes a challenge for different areas of the organizations, since it is necessary for customers to feel some kind of compensation or a timely response to their concerns. Therefore, SOCIALNETZ PQRS represents an added value to the product or service offered by a company.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Where the needs transmitted in the form of PQRS are captured on social media to address customer concerns immediately, preventing it from becoming the “snowball” effect given the high speed with which the information is spread.

Artificial Intelligence

Through the typification and classification of the Tweet and the automatic generation of the filing ticket.

Diligent Answers

The information, when treated promptly, courtesy and according to its urgency, makes the client perceive its importance within an organization or company.


No special configuration is needed for Twitter users.


Identify the type of message from the user to respond in a timely manner by filing a ticket, which allows a more effective process.

Active listening

Automatic information collection 24/7, responding immediately with a clarification or ticket number.


Shows the commitment of a company or organization to satisfy its customers, in a social network.