Social Media Analysis

Digital social networks have become the means of communication par excellence in contemporary society. In recent decades, society has increasingly blurred the limits previously imposed by geographical, economic and even social distances. Access to information is unlimited and, therefore, the volume of interactions and all types of content shared on the network is also constantly growing.

For this reason, the need arises to explore the information contained in social networks; An opportunity that involves unexpected challenges that are necessarily associated with new increasingly important risks such as reputational ones.

We know that companies have a presence in social networks; however, this is not enough. There is unexplored information in social networks that companies are not taking advantage of; Therefore, its analysis is relevant to know  what customers think and talk about you, through data analytics.


7.79 Billion


4.57 Billion

Active Users of
Social Networks

3.96 Billion

Active Users
of Twitter

326 Million Users

Digital 2020 July Global Statshot – We are Soical Inc. y Hootsuite.

At LUMON we have Socialnetz, a tracking service, data mining and post opinions and/or information published on social networks. With this, it seeks to extract relevant data that generates added value to your marketing, advertising and communication strategies to attract new markets, retain its customers and generate immediate and accurate responses to the needs of PQRS.