LDE3 is a text defragmenter that uses specialized automatic algorithms allowing not only the classification of the document according to its type (be it an invoice, contract, chamber of commerce, guardianship, etc.) but also extracts the most significant information for your business, in a synthesized way,  through summaries; optimizing in this way not only the reading and comprehension of these documents but also allows saving time and personnel for these tasks

What does LDE3 offer you?


It automatically extracts data of your interest from digital documents or those archived documents from previous technologies.


It purifies the stored information in a physical way by removing stamps, watermarks, margin notes, etc.


It presents the most important information for your company in a synthesized and simple way through an automatic summary.


Reading of any format required by your company (Word, Excel or PDF) to generate the summary of the analyzed documents.


It classifies the type of document based on the algorithm training of the supplied information.


Registration and monitoring of uploaded documents (time, status and pages or pages uploaded.) In real time.

Using the following workflow