Socialnetz is an information system dedicated to the service of tracking, data mining and opinions analysis based on the information found in social media in order to serve as an information mechanism for the behavioral analysis of governance, prestige and reputation networks, targeting marketing strategies and information exchange, among others.

The main analysis of this service are:

Profiling of actors and classification of the characteristics that make up the network.

Centrality level and intermediation to obtain the relevance of the actors of the network.

Closeness level to look at the cohesion of the network and the degree of connectivity between the members of the network.

Differences in hierarchies and markets between the identified networks.

Detection of ways of thinking, feeling and acting (positive, neutral or negative) based on comments, mentions and hashtags.

Research management through
social media

The service is aimed at institutions, organizations, companies or entities that want to analyze a certain group of actors through their interaction in a social network to identify structural properties and relationship schemes that may suggest the implementation of government strategies, positioning , marketing, communication, etc.

1. Access to Information

Consolidation of information from different social media.

2. Unstructured Data Analysis

Extraction of variables from unstructured information.

3. Knowledge Scale

Customized software development for customer analysis and decision making.

Tracking and Data Mining

It has the highest technological and cognitive computing standards, so that by itself, it can extract personality characteristics (occupation, gender, age, fame, polarity and topic) based on the way users write on their social networks. In the same way, it can show the most popular hashtags and URLs on the web, the most popular friends and followers related to the search, obtain the graphic representation of the most used words in relation to it.

Among the various features offered, there is a dashboard in which different dynamic representations reflect the performance of the selected theme in social media.

Starting with a comparative graph of their behavior over time and a chart of general statistics.

Going through the list of the most relevant topics of the network until you reach an interactive map in which you can visualize the geographical location of those who share these contents.