Analytics Forum 2020

9 March, 2020 Analytics Forum 2020 Analytics Forum was an event for the community of companies and people concerned with Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Business Analytics where the objective was to strengthen...

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Ministry of Economic Development

11 March, 2020 Ministry of Economic Development The Territorial Table for the Bogota Region Food Supply Plan, in alliance with the RAP-E Special Planning Administrative Region, was an event for discussion about the problems based on the technical...

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ANATO 2020 – Virtual Reality

27 February, 2020 ANATO 2020 – Virtual Reality The 2020 ANATO Tourist Showcase was the opportunity to make a tourist guide through our Virtual Reality tool with Oculus Go Glasses, in which we encouraged the 390,000 participants of...

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Reddi Technology Development Agency

19 September, 2019 Reddi Technology Development Agency In order to solve current business challenges, LUMON introduced the LDE3 and SocialNetz products to generate an increase in the competitiveness and productivity of the regions. From the specialized technological knowledge...

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ANATO 2020 – Orange Economy

27 February, 2020 ANATO 2020 – Orange Economy Our research group LUMON LV TECH was present in alliance with the Vice-Ministry of Creativity and Orange Economy to show the polarity analysis in Twitter for the measurement of reputational...

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11 December, 2019 ASOBANCARIA The event consisted in the generation of technical discussion spaces to deepen the analysis of relevant digital transformation issues that impact financial inclusion. Consequently, our research group leader was invited as an expert in...

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