July 28th, 2021

“I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart”. These are the words of Liliana Pantoja, an exemplary woman who made her name through tenacity and effort. At 42 years old, she is the founder of LUMON, a renowned company positioned in the technology sector, dedicated to digital marketing and business reputation.

However, her path to entrepreneurship was not easy. After an arduous fight against cancer, Liliana decided to become an example for those close to her. “This disease taught me to value life and make the most of every day,” Liliana said. But one of the most difficult challenges, she says, was coping with the prejudices and social stereotypes that exist about women who decide to dedicate themselves to the technology sector.

“Working in a world led by men has tested my will to do things in the best way, always seeking to excel,” added the entrepreneur…

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